Harveys HV3 Minimax Water Softener

  • Twin cylinder water softener
  • Non electric
  • Ideally suited for households of 1-10 people
  • Suitable for all plumbing systems
  • 10 year parts warranty
  • Review & Comparison
Harveys HV3 Minimax Water Softener

Overall Rating: 3.6 (Out of 5)

We install, service and repair Harveys water softeners, and supply block salt for Harveys systems.

Harvey water softeners - are fantastic products, supplying constant unlimited softened water to your home 24/7.

  • Uses easy-to-load block salt meaning that it is easy to refill and maintain
  • Meter controlled – regenerates when it needs to (eliminates salt/water wastage)
  • 24/7 softened water
  • Block salt, easy to load 
  • Economical – low salt consumption
  • No Regular maintenance / servicing
  • Compact size can fit under kitchen sink

Height 49 cm x Width 20.6 cm x Depth 44.5 cm
Peak Flow Rate: 55 ltr/min
Regeneration time: 11 minutes

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