Ecowater ESM 9

Ecowater ESM 9

Overall Rating: 3.1 (Out of 5)

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The smallest in the range of Ecowater ESM softeners, it is best suited to serve the smaller property of 1 to 4 people. 

However, it is powerful enough to cope with up to 10 people if you have visitors to stay. Ecowater ESM 9 is a high capacity softener which is small enough to easily fit into a standard kitchen cupboard. 

  • Continuous up to date information on the performance of the softener on the screen
  • Electronic water monitoring
  • Salt alarm
  • Hydrolink wireless remote 
  • Teflon coated rotary valve 
  • Reinforced fibreglass resin tank, pressure tested up to 8.6 bar with a 10 year replacement warranty (excluding labour) 
  • Overflow and double safety shut-off valve for added security 
  • 24 volt transformer for safer electrical supply 

Total Height 552 mm

Total Depth 463 mm

Width 325 mm Weight* 17kg

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